When making a booking to learn Mindful Menstrual Cycle Awareness with Fertility Aware, a 50% booking fee is to be paid in advance to secure your place. The balance of 50% is due one week prior to the class date. If booking within a week of the class, 100% of the class cost is required to secure your place.

If for some reason you are unable to attend one of the classes, there will be an additional cost of R350 to book a catch up class.

The Private Consultation offered after the Class Series will be your responsibility to book a date and time in 3 to 4 months after the last class.

If someone is trying to conceive and falls pregnant within the 3 to 4 months, the person may choose to use the Private Consultation as a postpartum consult.

Once a booking is made, you are required to complete an indemnity form and send it through before the class starts.


  • Private Consultation cancellations made up to 3 days before the consultation date will receive a full refunded of the paid amount.
  • Cancellations made 2 days or less prior to the consultation date will forfeit 50% of the consultation fee.
  • If there is a cancellation after a confirmed Private Consultation, there will be a reschedule fee of R250.


By making a booking with Rona Mirimi for Mindful Menstrual Cycle Awareness, you understand that attending these classes and consultations does not guarantee that your partner and you will have the desired outcome you are seeking. You also understand that if you have any problems or concerns, you should contact your instructor or other health care practitioner. 

You understand that when using this method for contraceptive purposes, even when used correctly, as with any form of contraception, it can fail. The most recent study performed in Germany in 2007 using similar but not identical guidelines to what is taught in this class and which the instructor will teach as an additional rule, have given FAM a “perfect use” rating of 99.4 – 99.6% and a “typical use” rating of 98.2%. This “typical use” rating takes human error under consideration.

You understand that in order to practice this method well, you need to be consistent, follow all the rules and use protection during your fertile wave. If in doubt, you should be safe.

You claim full responsibility for using this method and the information received in this consult, as well as for your own health. You further understand that any information provided in this class is for the purpose of education and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat disease.

You hold full and complete responsibility for your health care, contraception and fertility choices. You will not hold the instructor, Rona Mirimi, or her mentor responsible for any unwanted outcomes.

You permit your charts, chart notes and intake form to be shared anonymously with the mentor and/or future students for educational purposes and for supervised decision making on the case. You understand that your privacy will always be respected and your confidentiality upheld.

You understand it is your responsibility to schedule a follow-up appointment with Rona Mirimi after the course to make sure all the rules and information you received were well received and you fully understand how to use this method. You will not hold your educator, Rona Mirimi, responsible for any unwanted outcome. If an appointment wasn’t made by you within a maximum of 6 months following the last class, you understand you will have to pay an addition of 75% of a consultation fee according to the current rate.

Please find the indemnity form here, which must be completed and signed before a class commences.