A journey to learn about neem oil.

I have inherited a Facebook group called “Herbal Birth Control”. One day the admin asked who would like to co-admin with her and I said I don’t mind. That day she decided to delete her account altogether and I found myself as the admin.
It was a journey. Although I knew some things, I also learnt many things. One of the amazing things I have learned was that neem oil can be used as herbal birth control.

What is neem?

There is a neem tree native to the Indian subcontinent and dry areas throughout South Asia. The oil is produced from its seeds and leaves. It has been used as a natural pesticide for decades, but also in other industries that make toothpaste, soap and more.

In India, it has been used for strengthening the immune system, detoxifying blood, improving liver function and maintaining a healthy circulatory, digestive and respiratory system.

The neem, Azadirachta indica A. Juss, is such a medicinal plant and symbolizes all that are wonders in nature; every part of the tree is used as traditional medicine for household remedies against various human ailments since ancient times. In fact, it was considered the “village pharmacy” in many parts of India and has played a key role in Ayurveda Medicine and agriculture science.

One of its surprising uses is for birth control. It has been used in ancient traditions and is known to kill sperm inside the vagina. Neem oil is also very effective in producing antigens in the uterus which makes it unsuitable for fetus implantation, but what I found extremely interesting is that men can also take it and it works very well. It doesn’t affect their libido or their sperm count.

A study result has shown through histological study and flow cytometry that the mechanism of its anti-fertility effect mainly involves the inhibition of sperm motility and the arrest of spermatogenic processes. Another study was carried out to evaluate the effective concentration of the aqueous extract of old and tender neem leaves to immobilize and kill 100% of human spermatozoa within 20 seconds.

Neem oil can be used in the form of vaginal creams and gel by women and is effective for five hours after application. Some women mix it with coconut oil and use it as lube. In one study, they showed that inserting 2ml of oil before intercourse has great efficiency rates.

Similarly, men can consume capsules of neem oil for birth control and can become potent again after six weeks of discontinuing the treatment. Daily oral doses of several drops of neem seed oil in gelatin capsules were given to twenty married soldiers in the Indian army. The effect took six weeks to become 100% effective, it remained effective during the entire year of the trial and was reversed six weeks after the subjects stopped taking the capsules. During this time, the men experienced no adverse side effects and retained their normal capabilities and desires. There were no pregnancies of any of the wives during the period of the study.

I encourage you to do your own research, but from what I have seen, it is a really good option and I might make some suppositories we can use during the fertile phase. Using FAM, you know when you are in your fertile phase.

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