Gaining more training in Fertility Awareness is my gift to you.

When I first came across Fertility Awareness, I thought there was only one method and I learned to use it on myself. Only after I started to study it in order to be able to teach have I realized that there are many methods that are called Fertility Awareness and the more I investigated, I came to the understanding that there isn’t one method that suits us all.

We are different, our needs are different and our abilities are different. In order to be able to serve as many people as possible, I need to make sure that my toolbox is accurate, valid and extended.

I studied the Symptothermal Method, STM, which is part of the Fertility Awareness based methods for two years. It combines cervical mucus checks with basal body temperature. There are two types of Symptothermal Methods: single check and double-check. The single check involves only body checks and the double-check adds a calculation rule which makes it more efficient, which is the method I teach.

Over time, I noticed that my ability to help women who are coming off the pill, breastfeeding, etc. was a bit compromised and I did some more investigation which led me to the Billings Method. It is a cervical mucus method only. Since last year, I have been studying this method as well so that I will be better able to assist more people in different life circumstances.

There is no doubt that today I am a much better educator than I used to be a year ago, but I still feel as though I need more knowledge and more tools. I am starting to learn a third method that will be more focused on people who are trying to conceive. This method is focused on hormones and testing hormones. I am so looking forward to the new journey.

I really hope that you can see how devoted I am to this journey and my efforts to be able to serve you with my best abilities by gaining more training in Fertility Awareness.

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