This story is unbelievable for so many reasons.

These photos are a result of the Mirena IUD and I got permission to show them and to tell you her story.

Please read it. It doesn’t mean it will happen to you but it is just one of the many stories and what bothers me most of all is answers from the medical doctors. I will comment on this throughout the story in brackets.

“I got the Mirena after I had my son in July, so it may have been around August 2018.

About a month after having it, I ended up getting BV which is a bacterial infection which I had never had before and I got severe migraines. I consulted with my doctor at the time of treatment about getting it taken out and they insisted that I keep it in a little longer because I probably just needed to get used to the hormones” (TO GET USED TO THE HORMONES!!! She clearly wasn’t reacting well to this IUD and yet, they told her to go home and continue suffering.)

“So I kept it in. Over 6 months I had problems with using the restroom. (Sorry for TMI) Often it hurt to go to the restroom and I had bloody stools. I just figured this was a result of my c-section and that it would go away with a little bit of time. Along with this, there were 3 incidents in which I had stabbing pains, it felt like I had air bubbles in my stomach and I felt like I needed to relieve myself. Those all went away within an hour or two so I didn’t do anything about it at the time because once again I would’ve never associated that with the IUD”. (This is one of the biggest problems with the IUD, you don’t associate the symptoms with it because it takes time until they present themselves.)

“The last time I suddenly felt the pain of stabbing and bubbles in my stomach. I felt that I needed to relieve myself again and this time I passed out while trying to make it to the bathroom. The ambulance rushed me to the hospital where I spent all night in pain and agony. I could only sit in one certain position. There was no way to turn to try to relieve any pain. Even with the pain meds from the hospital. The ER doctor did blood and urine tests and found out that I was pregnant. They didn’t know whether the pregnancy was just too early to tell or whether it was in the tubes and was, in fact, an ectopic pregnancy”. (One of the listed side effects is an ectopic pregnancy).

“Besides learning that I was pregnant, my IUD was dislodged (another side effect), the area was severely infected and I had experienced internal bleeding. The ER doctor said that they will need to take the IUD out at my obgyn the next day. I had to stay at home all day on Sunday and Monday morning, uncomfortable and suffering until I was able to go to my obgyn at 11:40.

At the office, the ultrasound tech called my doctor immediately because she noticed a lot of internal bleeding. Once my doctor saw the ultrasound she stated that she saw a lot of fluid in there and it looked as though the IUD was still in place and I happened to be that rare case of 0.1% who could get pregnant with the IUD in. I didn’t believe that because there wasn’t much to be seen on the ultrasound picture as it was blurry and I would think that the only way you can tell if it’s in place is when you physically go in to feel or see it on an X-ray.

I was hurting from sitting or standing in certain positions as if something was pushing on my insides and also, why would the ER doctor inform me that it was dislodged and he didn’t feel the strings?

I believe my doc was trying to lead me to believe it was still in place so she wouldn’t be implicated in the damage done in this case. At this time, she immediately rushed me over to the hospital so she could do an emergency surgery to remove the IUD.

My doctor still wasn’t sure whether my pregnancy was viable and in the womb or an ectopic tubal pregnancy. After I came out of surgery, I found out that my fallopian tube had ruptured, I had a lot of blood in my stomach, the pregnancy was in the tube and they had to remove part of my left tube as well as the embryo.

I was very hurt emotionally as well as physically. I didn’t expect to have a baby at that moment but I was ready to welcome and take care of it. The pain of barely being able to sit in one position went away instantly but I am experiencing horrible pain from my surgery. It’s been detrimental to me and my family and none of this would have happened if the doctor would’ve never suggested that this IUD was the best choice for birth control. She never mentioned anything of the bad side effects such as these.”

There are much better options! Natural, hormone free with no side effects. Please check and do your own research. Become well informed before making decisions. Sadly doctors will not always give you all of the information and options. It’s our job!

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Please note that I am not saying it will happen to everyone who has the Mirena, but there are many side effects that you should know about!

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