If we are talking about Fertility Awareness as the knowledge of our body and how it works, then I do think that everyone should practice it. We should all have access to the wisdom of our body and what is happening during the different phases of the cycle. Which hormones are dominant and when, how they influence our body and our emotions and if you want to take it further, how to work with our cycle to achieve harmony. It is the connection to our body, the trust we have in it to tell us when it is fertile, the connection we have to and with ourselves.

Do I think that the practice is for everyone? I’m not so sure.

If I look back in time, there were times when I wasn’t as responsible or wanted the responsibility I want today. There were times in my life that I couldn’t be consistent enough to actually practice it and do it well. I think it requires a certain maturity to hold the accountability for my own actions and decisions. We are taught to give this to others and it is easier that way. But it took me some years to take this control. On the other side, I see many people that are exactly the opposite of that; they NEED this control. But this need when practicing FAM can be stressful. Our body is not a textbook and sometimes our cycles don’t follow all the rules and that can be intimidating if one NEEDS it to be orderly. It might take some time for us to get the hang of our pattern of cervical mucus and sometimes we are out of sync. If one cannot handle some level of uncertainty, then maybe it is not for them.

What about FAM for Teenagers?

When it comes to teenagers, I think they can definitely benefit a lot from this knowledge. In fact, I think it should be in all schools. They should get this body knowledge and grow up with it, knowing it is natural to have cervical mucus, that it is normal and a sign of health and not be grossed out by it. Do I think they should practice FAM? It depends on them; on their character but I feel that if they can drive, they can use FAM.

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