What are hormones?

Hormones are chemicals that signal the body for what it needs to do by going through our bloodstream and it is picked up by any cell in our body that have the matching hormone receptors like a key lock; they are the way our body communicates. Some of the things hormones coordinate are metabolism, digestion, sensory perception, sleep, respiration, stress, growth, sex, a menstrual cycle, mood and more.

Hormones are you, your identity, your beliefs, your behaviour. Your female sex hormones influence sex, attraction, stress, hunger, eating patterns, emotion regulation, aggression, mood, learning and so many other things. The Pill contains artificial hormones so it will influence all these areas and more. The Pill basically changes things that are YOU, that makes you, YOU!

Any hormones in your body, natural ones or artificial ones, will get picked up by all the cells in your body that have receptors and influence which version of yourself your body will create. While doctors put lots of effort into side effects, blood clots, stroke, acute threats to survival, the Pill side effects, they don’t check what it does to the brain and therefore to the person that is YOU.

The Pill changes the brain.

Brain scans of people on the Pill and off the Pill showed structural and functional differences. People on the Pill do not have the cortisol spike in response to stress which is essential for survival and response to the circadian rhythm and that can compromise their ability to adapt to changes.

Other worrisome data about the Pill is that it might influence who people on the Pill choose to date and mate, marriage patterns and even divorce rate.

During our menstrual cycle, just before ovulation, we have a rise in estrogen. Estrogen is in charge of all things related to conception, producing cervical fluid to help with conceiving and allowing people to be the version of themselves that promotes this to happen. Once ovulation has happened, the dominant hormone is progesterone which is in charge of implantation, pregnancy and the behaviour that facilitates these activities. 

One of the things that the Pill does is to inhibit the release of an egg and it keeps people in the state of after ovulation when progesterone is dominant. It also prevents a woman’s body and brain from doing things that they are supposed to do in times where they have estrogen, like wanting to have sex and promoting emotional closeness.

When we are not on the Pill, we have a different scent, we are attracted to people when we have estrogen that will improve our genes and pass the best to our offspring but on the Pill, research has shown that this is changed. All is a matter of chemicals and the Pill changes our chemistry throughout our body. Interestingly enough it changes just like people during their post-ovulatory phase.

A cool study was made in a strip club. Men tend to give higher tips to women they preferred allowing researchers to test where they were on their cycle. The results were that dancers earned $70 per hour when they were near ovulation, around $35 per hour during their periods and $50 per hour during any other time. Women on the Pill earned around $37 per hour with no spikes.

Interesting, right?

The Pill changes your hormones to create a different version of yourself that might lack the psychological and behaviour that happens on high fertility.

The “progesterone” in the Pill is called progestin and is not made from what our natural progesterone is made of; therefore, it cannot bind like progesterone binds to its receptors and act in the same way progesterone does. In some cases, they actually bind to testosterone receptors instead so the messages our body and brain should be “reading” from progesterone are a bit off and not precise.

Studies also showed that the Pill might shrink or change your hypothalamus structure https://bit.ly/33xlVoJ and therefore function and compromise some of your cognitive abilities. https://bit.ly/3baLn5Y.

There are also studies that found that the pill changes other senses like smell, hearing and all that is making sense as this is how we perceive the world around us the best we can in order to survive and tell your body if it is a good time to reproduce or not. That is another aspect that the Pill changes, the way your other senses react to the environment around you.

The Pill made a huge change in female behaviour since it was invented in the ’60s while it was THE feminist thing to do. In our days we start to understand and learn that not everything is good. Studies started to pile up showing the negative effects it has on our brain and body, on us. While I am writing about the Pill, this actually applies to all hormonal birth control. The Pill has one more side effect as it is being digested. It impacts the digestive system and might compromise your gut function.

There are much better options out there and I invite you to look at my online Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) course.

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