There are some aspects to using this method for pre-conception. The first and the most obvious is to know how to time your intercourse. You need to have sex on ovulation day, right? What’s the big deal?

Well, it is only partly true and it is actually more stressful to go that way because then you only have a 12-24 hour window which is the lifespan of the egg.

What if I tell you that in fact you can reduce this stress and have sex during your fertile wave, even 5 days before you actually ovulate and still get pregnant? Can you imagine how that will decrease the stress levels that couples experience?

Also, if there are any issues such as hormonal imbalances, your charts will show it and you’ll know where to pay more attention and if a blood test is needed, you’ll know how to time it to get the best results.

Fertility Awareness Method can do so much for us in our reproductive years, during the different phases of our fertile years.

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