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We can only choose well for our health if we have the knowledge. There is so much information about our body and menstrual cycles that we are lacking or we do not have enough of. We are not told that our menstrual cycle is our fifth vital sign, meaning if there is any health issue we will eventually see a reflection of it in our cycle. Our Mindful Contraceptive June Class Series is your opportunity to gain this valuable information.

The benefits of tracking our fertility signs are large. From being able to determine when we are fertile and avoid pregnancy to optimizing our chances of getting pregnant. From connecting to our body and building trust between it and us as well as so many more.

In the upcoming online class series, we will delve into:

  • the knowledge surrounding the female and male anatomy;
  • the hormones that participate in our menstrual cycle;
  • how to optimise intercourse to achieve pregnancy and how to keep our hormones happy;
  • what our fertility signs are and how we can track and chart them;
  • the rules for using this method as a contraceptive;
  • why it’s important to ovulate;
  • how our reproductive system is intertwined with our arousal network.

From the second class, you will be able to start practising this method and you will receive feedback about it.

The online Mindful Contraceptive June Class Series starts on the 16th of June at 7pm and will continue once a week over 4 weeks on the following additional dates:

  • 23rd of June, 7pm;
  • 30th of June, 7pm;
  • 7th of July, 7pm.

After 3 cycles, we will meet again privately and look at your charts.

This is a lifeskill you get that you can use throughout the different phases of your fertile years. You also get BBT and charts which are everything you need to start.

It costs R1550 (+R90 for courier) and if your partner wants to join, it will be R400 extra.

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