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April Class Series 2

I welcome everyone who is keen to learn about our fertility in natural and healthy ways.

Do you want to become pregnant the natural way?
Do you want to avoid pregnancy the natural way?
Do you wish to educate yourself and receive extraordinary education on sex, hormones, fertility, contraception and sexual wellbeing?

This course aims to reconnect you to your own body and your natural signs, rhythms and cycles relating to your fertility. Empowering yourself to trust yourself and your ability to understand your own body.

We learn body literacy which to me means the body of knowledge which modern culture has far removed us from, but which we still have the ability to cultivate for ourselves.

Topics that will be covered:

  1. Male and female anatomy.
  2. Beliefs around our fertility.
  3. Female arousal network, opening up conversation around some common myths regarding our sexuality.
  4. The 3 primary signs of fertility and how they are influenced by our sex hormones.
  5. Tracking fertility signs and investigating the changes in our cervical fluid, Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and the Cervix
    and how this plays a vital part in identifying our fertile wave.
  6. Rules to use it for contraception as well as to optimize conception.
  7. How to identify possible problem areas relating to our hormones and how we can play a greater role in our healthcare by knowing this information.
  8. How to chart our cycles and each participant will receive a charting booklet to begin their charting journey.

You also receive charts and a basal body thermometer which are all you need to start practicing.

After 3 months since your last class, you get a 45 min one-on-one private session with me where we will go over your own charts to see how you are doing.

This method is a life skill that you will be able to use throughout the different phases of your reproductive years.

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