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Our body knows to communicate with us!

For so many years, we have been led to believe that we cannot be in charge of our fertility. For so many years, we have been led to be afraid of our fertility.

For too long, we have put the responsibility of our fertility in someone outside of us.

A few years ago, the CDC announced our menstrual cycle to be the 5th vital sign. What does it mean? All the people in the world have 4 vital signs: heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature & respiratory rate. These signs are your body’s basic functions. Our menstrual cycle is the fifth! This means it is a basic function that can give you information about your health.

We now see that since our menstrual cycle is affected by so many things, it is a reflection of our well being.

We can track our cycles and know when we are fertile & infertile during the course of the cycle. We can learn if we have any hormonal imbalances & we can see if there is something that needs our attention. We can track how our emotions correlate with our hormones and take better care of ourselves. We can see how our lifestyle impacts our cycle & we can learn so much about ourselves.

I invite you to learn about you!

This method has a 99.6-99.4% efficiency rate (you can read here more about it: https://fertilityaware.co.za/fertility-awareness-method/

The course contains 4 weekly classes of 2.5 hours each and is all online.

You will learn:

• Male and female anatomy.
• Physiology of the feminine ecosystem.
• Anatomy of sexual arousal (or the things that you haven’t been taught).
• What are the fertility signs and techniques to track them.
• Rules for contraception.
• Charting our menstrual cycles.
• How these signs are indicators of our overall health.
• FAM throughout our reproductive years.
• How we can nourish our hormones.
And more.

Cost: R1750 or $105.

This price includes a basal body thermometer and charts to start your journey, for South African residents only.

There are only 7 places, so please book yours.

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