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I welcome you to join me in my online Fertility Awareness Course – September 2021.

Fertility is such a big word and when we talk about it, the first image or the first thought that might come to our mind is having babies. In fact, fertility means health. For many people, when I say fertility they will immediately think of a baby and if they are done with this phase in their life they will stop listening.

We should think of fertility as a way to know if we are in a good health and that applies to everyone. It also makes sense that if we are healthy, our body will be able to get pregnant.

For so many years we were taught to be afraid of our fertility, thus all the decisions we made came out of fear. I invite you to learn about how your body works and to base your decisions on knowledge and trust in your body and your ability to work with its natural rhythm rather than based on fear.

We have learnt that our fertility is a problem and we need to control it. The fact is that our fertility is NOT more of a problem than male fertility. We do not need to control it, we need to learn to WORK WITH IT.

See this course as an invitation to learn your natural cyclic rhythm and empower yourself.

In the course, I will teach you how to identify your fertile and infertile patterns so that you can act according to your goals.

Our body gives us 3 fertility signs: cervical mucus, basal body temperature and cervix position. I teach you how to track, chart and interpret those signs as well as add your previous “herstory” data in order to work with your cycle to achieve your goals.

This method is called the Symptothermal Double Check and it has 99.6-99.4% efficiency rate in perfect use, and 98.4% in typical use.

The Fertility Awareness Course September has 4 weekly classes of 2.5 hours each. Here is what you will learn:

  • What is Fertility Awareness?
  • How we all developed.
  • Male & female anatomy.
  • Cycle variations.
  • Signs of fertility, how to identify, check and track.
  • What are the signs telling us about our fertility and health?
  • Set of rules for contraception.
  • What can we use as Plan B?
  • FAM for conception and how to optimize conception.
  • How to identify possible problem areas relating to our hormones and how we can play a greater role in our healthcare by knowing this information.
  • Female arousal network, opening up conversations around some common myths regarding our sexuality.

Each participant receives charts and a basal body thermometer which are all one needs to start practising this method. This applies to South African residents only.

After 3-4  cycles since your last class, you get a 45-minute one-on-one private session with me where we will go over your own charts to see how you are doing.

This method is a life skill that you will be able to use throughout the different phases of your reproductive years.


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