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Greetings and welcome to an eye-opening journey that could transform the way you perceive your own fertility. Join me for my upcoming online Fertility Awareness Course on 17 October 2023.

For far too long, we’ve been conditioned to fear our own fertility, especially as young women. The fear of “falling pregnant” with an unplanned pregnancy haunting our lives has led us to make sacrifices, sometimes at the expense of our own health and well-being. It’s disheartening to see that many of us have willingly endured side effects and medical interventions while men have never been asked to shut down their testosterone and libido for the sake of birth control.

But it’s time for a change. Instead of perpetuating this fear, it’s time to empower ourselves with knowledge about our bodies. In this course, we’ll delve deep into understanding how our bodies truly function, how the menstrual cycle plays a vital role in our overall health, and how we can work harmoniously with our fertility rather than suppress it. We’ll learn to embrace the natural changes our bodies go through in each cycle, listen to our bodies, and address any imbalances if they arise. We’ll discover how to trust and interpret the signs our bodies provide, putting control back into our hands.

What’s on the Course Agenda?

I invite you to embark on a four-part series of classes, spaced every two weeks, where we will explore:

  1. The Essence of Fertility Awareness
  2. The Development of Our Bodies
  3. Anatomy of Both Genders
  4. Variations in the Menstrual Cycle
  5. Understanding and Tracking Signs of Fertility
  6. Deciphering Fertility and Health Signals
  7. Contraception Guidelines
  8. Plan B Options
  9. Fertility Awareness Method for Conception and Optimization
  10. Identifying Hormonal Imbalances and Taking Control of Your Health
  11. Breaking Myths About Female Arousal Network and Open Conversations About Sexuality

What’s In It for You?

As a participant, you will receive all the necessary tools to kickstart your journey towards Fertility Awareness. This includes charts and a basal body thermometer, exclusive to South African residents.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy three follow-up consultations with me after completing the course to track your progress and answer any lingering questions.

Consider this course a lifelong skill that will empower you through the various phases of your reproductive years. Don’t miss the chance to reclaim your agency over your own body. Book your spot now and step into a world of knowledge, understanding, and self-empowerment.

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