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I welcome you to join me in my online Fertility Awareness Course – May 2022.

For so many years we have been conditioned to fear our fertility. The biggest fear of any young woman is the fear of “falling pregnant as it can ruin your life”. We were so infused with this fear that we felt we have to do something at all costs, even at the cost of risking our health & well being.

I haven’t seen one guy that would agree to shut down his testosterone, libido & suffer from the side effects we willingly agree to do and that is sad.

Instead of teaching us how our bodies truly work; how the menstrual cycle is crucial for our health & well being; how to work with our fertility instead of against it; how to honour the changes that our body goes through each cycle; how to care for and listen to what our body is telling us and if there is anything that is not balanced; how to bring it into balance; how to trust our body’s signs and ourselves to understand them, we are taught to quieten all of those things. To shut it down all together and only if we want to get pregnant to expect our body to switch on again.

I invite you to learn the wisdom of your body in a series of 4 classes which will take place every two weeks. Here we will dive into:

  • What is Fertility Awareness?
  • How we all developed.
  • Male & female anatomy.
  • Cycle variations.
  • Signs of fertility, how to identify, check and track.
  • What are the signs that tell us about our fertility and health?
  • Set of rules for contraception.
  • What can we use as Plan B?
  • FAM for conception and how to optimize conception.
  • How to identify possible problem areas relating to our hormones and how we can play a greater role in our healthcare by knowing this information.
  • Female arousal network, opening up conversations around some common myths regarding our sexuality.

Each participant receives charts and a basal body thermometer which are all one needs to start practising this method. This applies to South African residents only.

You will also get 3 follow up consultations with me after your last class to track your progress.

This method is a life skill that you will be able to use throughout the different phases of your reproductive years.


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