We hear a lot that natural contraceptives don’t work, that FAM doesn’t work and just a week ago, I had a conversation with someone who was very adamant to teach me that FAM is not reliable and that the CDC, Centre for Disease Control, determined that it has a 24% failure rate.

She was somewhat right. The CDC said that FABM has a 24% failure rate, but there is one small thing she didn’t know. FAM is a Fertility Awareness Method and FABM stands for Fertility Awareness Based Method. There lies the difference.

Under the huge umbrella of Fertility Awareness Based Methods, many methods are not so efficient like the Rhythm Method, Beads, apps, standard day etc. Many of these methods are based on calculation, on the old myth that our cycle is 28 days and we ovulate on cycle day 14. These methods are not safe and I would give them higher failure rates. They have nothing to do with what is happening in your body and they tell you nothing about your specific body whereas Fertility Awareness is something completely different.

Many methods are part of the group of Fertility Awareness such as Sensi-Plan, Symptothermal and others. The huge difference is that you check 3 bio marks that your body gives you every day to determine whether you are fertile that day or not. It is not a guessing game or based on a predefined calculation method. It is all about you and your body. Women with irregular periods can also practice it. There it is! Therefore this method works because you check yourself every day and you know.

A huge study that was done in 2007 in Germany found that the efficiency rates of FAM are 99.6-99.4% with perfect use, which means that 100% of the time you use it 100% perfectly and with typical use, the efficiency rate is 98% which considers human errors. Just to compare, the efficiency rate of the Pill is 92%.

Back to CDC… earlier this year they corrected the failure rates of FABM to 2-24% because of what I just explained.

That lady dug in hard and tried to show that the data I provided is not from their official site but sadly she couldn’t.

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