If you are looking for a teacher who cares about what she offers the world, who encourages you to get in tune with your body and explore, which ultimately leads to healing and empowering you, then Rona is the woman to lead your path. She empowers you to take your power back by getting in touch with what’s going on in your own body. I wish I had learned these things sooner.

Empowering, Siobhan

You are never too old to learn and even though I am in menopause now and no longer menstruate, the experience has been empowering and has helped me understand so much about myself in retrospect – all knowledge that can be passed down to my daughter and future generations. When she is a bit older, I will definitely be sending my daughter to learn from Rona.

Never Too Old, Cindy

I learned a great deal about my cycle, anatomy and the fertility awareness method from Rona. She was so patient, inspiring and easy to speak to regarding anything related to women’s health and the psychology related to hormones and lifestyles. I really enjoyed my time taking the fertility awareness course with her and I highly recommend it. It helped me truly make peace with my female body parts.

Patient and Inspiring, M.A

Rona has an amazingly kind and gentle approach. She is extremely empathetic of your personal situation and considerate of your story. She listens tentatively and guides accordingly, making worthy recommendations. Her advice is well researched and solid. I can highly recommend her services.

Kind and Gentle, Joanna

Thank you for the FAM class and empowerment obtained via the class. I was so proud of myself when my gynae asked me if I ovulate and I confidently said yes. When I was asked about whether to do a PAP smear, I felt empowered to take ownership of my body and said no as everything was fine on the scan. Just went for a routine check before trying to conceive. So grateful. Thank you.

Confident, A

From the moment I met Rona, I knew I was in the capable hands of the divine feminine! She is amazing to work with and explains everything so clearly. She is incredibly passionate about all that makes up the wonder of being a woman and is very present! I am very grateful that I have her as my guide and translator through really getting to know my body and how it is communicating with me.

Incredibly Passionate, K

I loved getting to know my body from the numbers and patterns perspective.  I joined the class shortly after weaning my baby off the breast and was looking for a more natural form of contraception. I’ve learned a lot in the classes and am in constant awe of my body. I am so happy that we are finally on our journey. It’s amazing how a lot of perspective changes once you understand the mechanics of your body.

Amazing Perspective, P

The class was very interactive. I enjoyed the small group setting more than I anticipated. I feel it was important to feel heard and safe to ask whatever questions I needed to without judgement and the smaller group setting ensured this. Thank you again for this offering. It is so powerful and I feel more connected to my body and fertility more than ever. What a gift.

Your Content Goes Here, M.F

I enjoyed your amazing course. I thought it would be a little boring and tedious to learn the method, but the way you presented the information was so intriguing and mindblowing that the hours just flew by. Your passion and enthusiasm for FAM really has given me a new appreciation and fascination for our incredible body and an awareness of our cycles that is so so valuable. Thank you, you were brilliant!

Brilliant, D


There are a few ways that we can work together. You can join a Group Course, book a Private Course, enjoy a Mom & Daughter Workshop or book me for a Chart Review or Contraception Consultation. Your partner is also welcome to join so that they can be part of this journey with you and learn how best to support you. If you are unsure or if you have a few questions, send me an email or fill out the contact form below to make your enquiry and book your place.

We keep the classes small and intimate so that students can feel heard and we can give more focus to each individual. 

Payment Options Available

FAM Courses

If you are curious about how your body works, you find it inspiring to work with your natural rhythm rather than against it, if you are wondering how, you can prevent or achieve pregnancy naturally, we can definitely work together.

Group Course

Every time I am amazed at how we start this journey with 8 women who are strangers to each other and we finish the course with some sense of community. The course contains 4 classes once every two weeks. Each class is about 2.5 hours. Your partner is welcome to join you.

What you get:

  • To understand how your body & menstrual cycle works. 
  • Follow-ups with me, one on one after one cycle, 2 cycles and 3 cycles.
  • 3 months free trial on Read Your Body app. 
  • A skill that will serve you through your reproductive years. 

Check out the next course or join the waiting list.


  • R400/ $25 Add Partner Cost

Private Course

The structure of this course is very similar to the group one but we decide when we will meet according to when it suits us. It works very well for people who prefer one-on-one sessions. If you are keen to study one-on-one with me, please send me a message or call .

In both options, your partner is welcome to join.

If anyone is keen to create a group so I can teach you either online or live, I am open to that too. You are welcome to contact me.


  • R400/ $15 Add Partner Cost

Contraception Consultation

If you want to be able to make a truly informed decision, you need to have all the information.

If you are not sure that you have all the info, or which route you should take and you need someone who will provide some valid information about the different contraception options, that your gynae probably won’t give you based on YOUR own situation, you are welcome to book a 45-60 min consultation with me. We cannot give full consent without having all the information.



Consultation Booking Request

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Chart Review

I started my journey with FAM by reading the book and it felt like amazing knowledge on one hand but on the other, it felt scary. It felt like someone threw me into the ocean and I needed to find my way. I get this. If you are feeling the same way and you need some reassurance through one more pair of eyes to look at your charts and give some fine-tuning then this is for you.



Mom and Daughter Workshop

Reaching puberty can be intimidating for both the parent and the pre-teen. In this workshop, we will touch on what one can expect physically and emotionally, how that might look, how the menstrual cycle looks and tools we can use to normalise it. We help the teen get to know their body and try to open lines of conversation between the parent and pre-teen. You can also book as a group with your other mom and daughter friends.

Lilach Lilach Feminine Art Fertility Awareness

Art by: Lilach



Are you interested in learning Mindful Menstrual Cycle Awareness using Fertility Awareness? Fill out our booking form below to make contact and feel free to ask any questions you might have. You will need to make payment to secure your place in the course. You can do so by clicking the Pay Now button below.

    Group CoursePrivate CourseMom & Daughter WorkshopContraception ConsultationChart Review