My Third Training in Fertility Awareness

Gaining more training in Fertility Awareness is my gift to you. When I first came across Fertility Awareness, I thought there was only one method and I learned to use it on myself. Only after I started to study it in order to be able to teach have I realized [...]

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Fertility Awareness Method

For decades we were taught to believe that we must discuss everything about our fertility with our doctor. We are led to believe that if we want to prevent pregnancy or achieve pregnancy, we have to consult with someone outside of us, ideally a doctor. Fertility Awareness Method offers us [...]

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Benefits of Fertility Awareness

Fertility Awareness Method is the practice we use in which we check the fertility signs that our amazing body gives us each day; cervical fluid, basal body temperature and cervix position. The last one is optional but I like to track it as well as it gives information which is [...]

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Fertility Awareness Method for Pre-conception

There are some aspects to using this method for pre-conception. The first and the most obvious is to know how to time your intercourse. You need to have sex on ovulation day, right? What’s the big deal? Well, it is only partly true and it is actually more stressful to [...]

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