I am a female, mother of 6: 2 born and 4 unborn, hetrosexual most of the time and I strongly believe in women’s rights. I was born, grew up and have lived in 3 different places, on different continents and I am sure I have a bit from each place in me.

My journey started when I was 16 years old. I was put on the pill and the gynaecologist didn’t even look into my eyes, not to mention check me. I was on the pill for many years just to find out after 4 miscarriages and 2 emergency c-sections that I shouldn’t have been on the pill or any form of hormonal contraceptive due to a blood condition I have, which causes my blood to clot. No-one ever checked me for this in the many years that I was on the pill.

After giving birth to my second child, I start searching for another option and this is how I came across FAM. I was so happy to find it!

Yes, my husband and I agreed that this one would be our last child, but I couldn’t do something so permanent to my body such as having my tubes tied and I therefore couldn’t ask him to do it either. I decided to buy Toni Weschler’s book and learn the Fertility Awareness Method from it. Once I read it, I was amazed by all this information that I didn’t know about my own body.

I read the book while breastfeeding my baby, which I continued for 3 years, and my period returned after 11 months. Oh boy. I couldn’t read my body’s signs because they weren’t as clear as I thought they would be. I then decided to learn with a teacher and did an online course. I was still breastfeeding while I did the course and she told me that I should use another contraceptive until I was sure about my body’s signs. I didn’t listen to this advice and I fell pregnant. I was devastated and sadly due to my blood condition, I had a miscarriage.

I spoke to my teacher and we decided that best option would be to insert a copper IUD and practice Fertility Awareness (FA) so that by the time I stop breastfeeding, I would know how to read my signs and I could then remove the IUD. I took this advice, removed the IUD a few months after I stopped breastfeeding and have been practising Fertility Awareness ever since.

I feel that this knowledge should be in our hands, that we need to be taught about our body. I feel we need to regain this knowledge and work with it and not against it.

I signed up to a two-year program with Grace of the Moon to become an educator of this practice and to help other people have this knowledge, so between 2018-2019 I have been studying to educate myself more and hopefully to be able to pass this knowledge on to others. Since 2019 I get to consult with people and help them in their own journey, under supervision.

This is my journey and I would feel honoured to be part of YOUR journey.

Rona Mirimi

Rona Mirimi
Fertility Awareness and Hormonal Educator

AFAP Certification Fertility Aware


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